In Memoriam: Gordon Aubrecht


Gordon Aubrecht passed away at age 73 on Monday, November 21. Gordon was the long-time President of the advocacy chapter at Ohio State University. For almost a decade, I had had contact with him through the Ohio Conference of AAUP. But our acquaintance went much farther back than that.

Gordon and I were founding members of the Association for the University Regional Campuses of Ohio (AURCO), which is approaching the 25th anniversary of its founding. About five or six years ago at AURCO’s annual meeting, we happened to eat lunch together, and as we were looking around the room, we turned to each other and said simultaneously, “My God, we’re the last two left!” To be honest, my exclamation was more vulgar than Gordon’s, and to be more precise, we were the last two founding members of the association who had still remained active in it.

I am not…

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