Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues in 2015 [Post 12 of Series]


I have somewhat lost track of this series and two other series of posts and will try to complete them before the end of this year and the beginning of the new year makes them less relevant.

The United Kingdom: Scotland

Legislation that would overhaul higher education provoked immediate and enduring controversy. Writing for the The Herald in Glasgow, Ian McWhirter framed the debate very sardonically: “The Scottish Government appears to have achieved the impossible: getting the national security whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, and the Institute of Directors to agree on something. The subject? That the Government’s Higher Education Bill stinks. Both seem to believe that the Education Secretary, Angela Constance, wants to abolish elected rectors in Scotland’s ancient universities to impose central controls and undermine academic freedom” {MacWhirter).

Considerably later in the article, MacWhirter focus more pointedly on the potential issues related to academic freedom:

“Most universities are run by…

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