More For-Profits Denied Federal Student-Aid Monies


What follows is a news release from the Department of Education.

Given how long it took the Department of Education to crack down on abuses at for-profit institutions, one wonders how much of that oversight will be reversed or simply ignored by the Trump administration.

One would think that allowing a return to widespread abuses will serve only to remind voters of the suits against Trump University and that the Republican majorities in Congress may have enough other divisive issues and scandals to “own” that they will not wish to create even more targets for criticism and investigation.

But such reluctance, such political prudence, would depend on our political systems’ operating in a fairly conventional way, and if anything is almost absolutely certain, it is that expecting predictable behavior is a bad bet.

Moreover, very little has been done nationally, under a Democratic administration, to address charter-school abuses. Indeed, the…

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