Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues in 2015 [Post 15 of a Series]



In January 2015, the Universidad Valle de Mexico campus in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo was “closed for more than a week due to threats and attempted extortion by gangsters”: “The campus closed in response to a threat received from a criminal gang that wanted to enter the facilities, and if not [permitted to do so], [said] it would retaliate,’ said Sophie Anaya, vice president for corporate affairs and communications for the Universidad Valle de Mexico” (Pena). The Nuevo Laredo campus has an enrollment of about 700 and “is part of the network of U.S.-based Laureate International Universities, which operates educational institutions in over 20 countries” (Pena). According to Anaya, university “officials were working on a plan to offer alternatives so students [could] continue their education” (Pena). The Nuevo Laredo campus is not the first Mexican campus of the Universidad Valle de Mexico to be closed in…

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