Audit of the Increased Cost of Attendance in Georgia


Here is another Georgia-related item for today. In an article for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Christopher Quinn reports on a state auditor’s study of the rising costs to students attending Georgia’s public colleges and universities. What has been occurring in Georgia is very similar to what has been occurring elsewhere—even to the observation, meant to provide some solace, that although things have been deteriorating in an unsustainable way in “our” state, they have deteriorated even worse in some neighboring states:

A state auditor’s review of college costs in Georgia has given legislators a base line for an outside study of college affordability and will help them prepare a plan to keep the University System of Georgia and technical schools churning out graduates in high-demand fields.

The review describes the clockwork behind the face of the 77 percent increase in the cost of attendance at a state college or university in…

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