Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues [Post 18 of a Series]


This series covers the issues that surfaced in 2015. I had it done at the beginning of 2016, but I have been somewhat slow getting it posted.

North Africa

Terrorist attacks in Tunisia created considerable concern on Tunisian university campuses for several related reasons: some of the campuses are located close to areas from which terrorist groups have operated and which have come under continuing attack by the Tunisian military; a significant number of ISIS and al Qaeda recruits have been radicalized university students; all of the university campuses are relatively soft targets; and, lastly, the increased security on the university campuses disrupted class schedules and extracurricular activities and constrained political expression and academic freedom, but it was clearly not enough to deter or to respond effectively to any attacks. So, students were significantly inconvenienced by all of the accommodations required to increase security but remained very uneasy because the…

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