Wisconsin GOP Set on Legislating Greater “Intellectual Diversity”


In yesterday’s Wisconsin State Journal, there is an article by Nico Savidge titled “Complaining of Bias on Campus, Republicans Push for ‘Intellectual Diversity’ at UW Schools.”

Here are the opening paragraphs:

“Conservative critics of higher education in Wisconsin have opened a new chapter of their long­running complaints about institutions such as UW­Madison, scrutinizing specific university courses and even a class reading they consider biased or inappropriate.

“The shift is yet another sign of the divide between an increasingly conservative state government and a university system that houses programs, research and courses that some Republicans view as frivolous and liberally biased at best and hostile indoctrination at worst.

“It could also foreshadow new legislation that seeks to change what many Republicans see as a lack of “intellectual diversity” on college campuses, by pushing institutions to invite more conservative speakers and hire more right­ leaning faculty.

“How, exactly, the Legislature would…

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