Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues [Post 19 of a Series]


This series covers the issues that surfaced in 2015. I had it done at the beginning of 2016, but I have been somewhat slow getting it posted.

Southwest Asia

In an opinion piece published in May for the Jerusalem Post, David Newman comments at some length at how removed for the daily business of a university meetings of boards of trustees have become. Although he addresses the issue more broadly, he continually references his own experience at Ben Gurion University (BGU) as a source of illustrations. Later in the article, he speaks about the impact of having trustees with very pronounced political biases, especially when they also make substantial gifts to the university as a way of furthering their ideological agenda. The individual whom Newman uses as an illustration remains anonymous, but the example is nonetheless pointedly revealing:

“In contrast to the impressive ceremony in Arad or the courses…

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