Month: February 2017

Apparently Some “Safe Spaces” Need to Be Preserved


Here are some excerpts from a scathing article in Roll Call on the Senate’s silencing of Elizabeth Warren. Written by Mary C. Curtis, the article is titled “GOP Seeks a Safe Space from the Words of Coretta Scott King,” highlighting the hypocrisy in the Far right’s absolute disdain for the creation of “safe spaces” on campus:

For a party and an administration that ran on being tough guys, afraid of nothing and no one, and disdainful of “PC culture,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, Republicans are, like President Donald Trump, proving to be poster boys (and, yes, the crew is testosterone-heavy) for the perpetually offended, perfect pictures of bullies who crumble when one of their targets dares talk back. . . .

Who would have thought that the words of human rights and civil rights leader Coretta Scott King could rattle the sensibilities of Senate Republicans, one of whom recently…

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The Answer to Campus Unrest—Another Kent State


Writing for the Detroit News, Michael Gerstein reports:

A northern Michigan Republican Party official resigned on Wednesday after landing in hot water for implying in a tweet that university protesters in California should be stopped violently.

Dan Adamini, the Marquette County Republican Party secretary, apologized for his tweet. It made national news because of its apparent call for a repeat of the Ohio National Guard’s shooting of four students at Kent State University in 1970, when nine other university students were also wounded amid a Vietnam War protest.

Adamini said Wednesday he has received hundreds of death threats over the uproar and that he resigned Wednesday because he’s hoping it will satisfy those outraged by his statement.

“Whenever you’re involved in an organization, you want to be an asset,” he said. “At the moment I’ve become a distraction, and that’s not helping anybody. I stepped aside so hopefully the…

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North Dakota Bill Bans “Safe Spaces”


What follows are some excerpts from an article written by Andrew Haffner for the Bismarck (ND) Tribune:

“A bill described by its sponsor as a means to ensure freedom of speech in North Dakota higher education by rejecting ‘political correctness gone crazy’ has passed in the state House.

“Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck, sponsor of House Bill 1329, said the proposed legislation is a response to an ‘attitude that free speech is not free speech’ on campuses where he said expression is discouraged by university policy.

“Though the House Education Committee gave a ‘do not pass’ recommendation, the measure passed 65 to 25 on Monday. It needed 48 votes to pass the House.

“Becker defined the term ‘safe space’ as a designated location where ‘the rules guard each person’s sense of self-respect, dignity and feelings’ by restricting discourse on a litany of subjects ranging from LGBT identity to political affiliation.

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Institutions That Will Be Most Affected by Trump’s Ban


These lists are from an article written by Abby Jackson for Business Insider:

The first chart indicates those institutions with the most currently enrolled students who are citizens of the seven predominantly Muslim nations covered by Trump’s ban:


The second chart ranks the institutions by the loss of direct revenue that they will experience if those students are expelled from the U.S. Jackson notes that the calculations are based on undergraduate tuition and fees but that a significant percentage of these students are almost certainly graduate students whose tuition and fees will typically be higher:


Abby Jackson’s complete article is available at:

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Because Presidential Searches Should Be Even More Secretive


What follows is from an uncredited story published by the Northwest Florida Daily News:

“In a debate that has repeatedly flared in recent years, a House Republican on Monday proposed Sunshine Law exemptions for information about applicants for top jobs at state universities and colleges.

“The proposal (HB 351), filed by Rep. Bob Rommel, R-Naples, would shield from disclosure information about applicants for president, provost or dean positions at state universities and colleges. The exemptions would apply to records and to meetings held to discuss applicants. Information about finalists for the positions would be made available after lists of candidates are whittled down.

“Open-government advocates have fended off such proposals in the past. But Rommel’s bill said the exemptions are necessary because potential applicants might be worried about jeopardizing current jobs if their interest in other positions is made public.

“’If potential applicants fear the possibility of losing their…

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