The Student-Debt Crisis Is Real—the Result of Short-Term Ideological Choices and an Impediment to Solving Long-Term National Issues


The Progressive news site Nation of Change has today run an article titled “Four Charts with What Everyone Should Know about the Student Debt Crisis.” The full article is available at:

I think that the most telling of the charts may be this one, which shows the incredible increase in government-backed student debt:

Student Debt Chart 1

The chart does not even include private loans, which have also increased dramatically over the past two decades.

The Far Right cannot have it both ways. Either their economic policies or their ideological aversion to domestic government spending is to blame for this dramatic shift in the cost of higher education to our students.

If the economy is to blame, then their economic policies caused the Great Recession, and the Far Right’s strident opposition to more effective regulation of the big banks and Wall Street is completely bogus.

If the economy is not to blame, then…

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