Addendum to “University Bureaucracy as Organized Crime”


This post is as much in response to chhanks’ comment on Hank Reichman’s post, excerpting Vincent J. Roscingo’s article in Counterpunch, as on the post itself.

In the comment, chhanks asks: “Can anyone at the AAUP tells what percentage of current university and college administrators were tenured faculty members before becoming administrators?”

With very few exceptions (such as hiring a former football coach as a university president—for instance, Jim Tressel’s being hired as president of Youngstown State University), all current university administrators have been—and, indeed, continue to be—tenured faculty. There may, however, be more exceptions to this general rule at the community-college level because, I believe, there may be more movement there between academic and non-academic administrative positions.

The key difference between how things were thirty to forty years ago and how they are now is that many senior faculty used to do four- to six-year stints as chairs…

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