Chronicle of Higher Education: Subscribers’ Top Reads of 2015




“How Missouri’s Deans Plotted to Get Rid of Their Chancellor”

By Jack Stripling

Bowen Loftin’s resignation as chief of the flagship campus at Columbia has been cast as fallout from racial discord there. That’s not even the half of it.


“A Professor, a Graduate Student, and 2 Careers Derailed”

By Robin Wilson

In Northwestern University’s philosophy department, a relationship gone bad illustrates some of the toughest problems facing higher education.


“How a 40-Year-Old Idea Became Higher Education’s Next Big Thing”

By Dan Berrett

Hundreds of colleges are exploring the competency-based approach to learning in hopes that it can fix one of their most pressing ailments.


“College Admissions, Frozen in Time”

By Eric Hoover

In an era of innovation, higher education clings to an age-old system fueled by debatable metrics.


“The Credentials Craze: When a Degree Is Just the Beginning”

By Goldie Blumenstyk

Today’s employers want more…

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