Sheryl Sandberg’s Commencement Address at UC Berkeley


Sheryl Sandberg’s commencement address at UC Berkeley has attracted considerable media attention because it includes some extended personal reflections on the sudden loss of her husband. Although there is very clearly a tabloid aspect to the media interest in Sandberg’s remarks, the personal elements of her observations actually do give considerable depth to what might otherwise seem predictable, if not clichéd, observations and guidance to those graduating.

The video and transcript of the speech are also available on the university website and elsewhere on the Web.

Here is video of her commencement address. She takes the podium about two minutes in:

Here is a transcript of the commencement address:

Thank you, Marie. And thank you esteemed members of the faculty, proud parents, devoted friends, squirming siblings.

Congratulations to all of you…and especially to the magnificent Berkeley graduating class of 2016!

It is a privilege to be here at Berkeley, which…

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