Ursinus Board Chair under Fire for Tweets


These are the lead paragraphs from an article written by Susan Snyder for the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Tweets by the chairman of Ursinus College’s board of trustees have drawn ire from some students and at least one fellow board member, who called them ‘elitist, racist, sexist, body-shaming,’ and ‘generally intolerant,’ and resigned over them Sunday.

“The controversy at the small liberal arts school in Collegeville began last week after a student posted on Facebook the tweets by Michael C. Marcon, an insurance executive and 1986 Ursinus graduate. A four-page printout of the tweets also was circulated on campus.

“’Got to love a janitor with a “Ban Fracking Now” sticker on his bucket. Barack is clearly reaching his target demographic,’ said one of the tweets.

“’Yoga pants? Per my DTW visual survey, only 10 percent of users should be wearing them. The rest need to be in sweats–or actually get dressed,’…

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