IA and MO: Proposals to Eliminate Tenure, Cut Higher-Ed Allocations



Last week, I posted an item on the proposals to eliminate tenure in Iowa and Missouri. Hank Reichman subsequently posted the AAUP’s statement on those proposals.

Those proposals were made by Republican members of the state legislatures. In the intervening week, the Republican governors of both states have proposed substantial cuts in higher-ed funding to close budget gaps.

Writing for the Des Moines Registar, Jeff Charis-Carlson reports:

“Gov. Terry Branstad has proposed cutting more than $25.5 million from the Iowa Board of Regents and $8.7 million from the state’s community colleges during the current fiscal year.

“If the cuts are approved by the Iowa House and Senate budget committees, higher education would shoulder the highest portion of about $110 million in cuts that Branstad proposed Tuesday in response to lower-than-projected revenues.

“Democrats responded by saying tuition at Iowa’s community colleges and universities will certainly go up…

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