Disrupting Scholarly Publishing


In a recent article for the Australian journal The Conversation, Dana Ruggiero explains why the “Black Market In Academic Papers Is Spooking Publishers.”

The title is actually somewhat misleading because scholarly papers are being shared without cost in ways that circumvent the corporations that have come to dominate the “market” in academic publishing.

Ruggiero reports that because “many academics have to seek other means for finding articles rather than pay the minimum US$30 that most publishers charge to access an article, . . . a black market of scholarly papers exists that those in the know can access as easily as using a hashtag on Twitter: #ICanHazPDF”: “This system relies on academics helping each other. I post a request for a paper and in ten minutes a response with an attachment may come back to me. The original tweet is then deleted.”

After describing “the European Federation of Psychology…

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